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Please contact us for support or if you have any other question.

Which document scanners do you sell and support?

We sell and support installation and configuration of Ricoh (Fujitsu), Kodak Alaris and Canon scanners.

Can I order consumables for document scanners?

Yes, we do sell all consumables for the Ricoh, Kodak Alaris and Canon scanners.

Can you scan documents and convert to searchable PDFs?

Yes, at our service bureau, we provide scanning and conversion services. We provide TIFF, PDF, Searchable PDF and editable (text) format of the scanned documents.

Do you provide load files with the scanned images?

Yes, we provide needed load files so you can upload scanned images and index information to your document management software or e-Discovery software.

Do you provide services to host the scanned documents?

Yes, we provide our services to host your scanned documents with the required index fields and full-text search capabilities on our cloud servers. Access will be provided to designated users with specified access rights and credentials to log into our server(s) to search and retrieve your documents.

How do I receive my scanned files?

We can upload files, or give you access to upload your files. We also provide scanned images, database and retrieval software on a CD/DVD, or USB flash drives. Unlimited number of copies of the CD/DVD can be made without extra licensing charges.

Do I need to prepare documents before sending them for scanning?

No, we do prepare the documents before scanning although it adds to the cost per image.

Do you provide on-site scanning services?

In addition to off-site scanning of documents sent to us, or picked up by our partner couriers, from anywhere in Canada, we also provide on-site scanning of your confidential files on your premises in the GTA and surrounding areas.